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Excalibur-LMS.com was designed to meet the needs of educators who strive to use technology to educate their students; however, they are constrained by a limited budget.

We know that newer generations of students are now being challenged to learn in environments that were create when there was no such thing as a computer, video, or Internet. These challenges are hampering their natural ability to learn at their own terms, in their own environments, and at their own pace.

A student who may appear to be falling behind in a traditional educational environment may not be challenged, but may just be bored.

This is why we have developed this system and we hope that educators take advantage of this tool to bridge the gap between traditional educational environments and the needs of the student who is ready to take on the global market.

The power of Excalibur-LMS.com is not these few pages that you are viewing here, but what happens behind the scene.

Our system is unique in the fact that it is a learning management system that can connect as well as maintain an existing website on another server.

Please review “How Excalibur Works” for more information...

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- Shawn Donley
DNS Technology Consultants, Inc - President

Excalibur-LMS.com Executive Developer

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